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FINALISTS: AdExchanger Media Tech Awards

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DTC brands transform growth with advanced linear TV advertising.

Retail sales increase with data driven approaches.

We're movin' on...

We need it now! Here's your response when it's all about speed.

TV of Tomorrow Show, brings together the movers & shakers in TV.

SPROCKIT Innovation Group Welcomes Centriply

An Innovator's View from the NAB Floor, Las Vegas 2019

34% increase in research intent and favorability for an educational organization using a Targeted TV campaign.

Pushing the Envelope of ATV Ad Targeting, Centriply Announces Major Platform Update.

Setting the standard for 2020, digital and TV work together for political campaigns.

New API from your marketing dashboard opens a window into TV impressions.

HH level audience planning/buying, Targeted TV is ready for the future

6 Steps to Growing Your Brand With Targeted TV

Grow in 2019: Digital Agencies Have Targeted TV Options



INNOVATIONS IN MEDIA: Welcome to the Future of Advanced TV

Connect Emotion + Data + Advanced TV to Drive Sports Marketing.

From Couch to Store

We Will Never Forget

Finding All Types of Women on International Women's Day

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Centriply to begin licensing it's proprietary data; Retains Venture Development Center to lead effort

Data-Driven Digital Support and Targeted TV Grow Ticket Sales by 18.8% for PBR

Data-Charged Content Marketing

Adotas: Targeted TV in a Digital World

How to Succeed with Targeted TV Advertising in the Digital Age

Go Beyond Obvious Data Points to Increase Qualified Impressions

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