Data-Driven Digital Support and Targeted TV Grow Ticket Sales by 18.8% for PBR

Posted by Rich Kaufman on August 10, 2016

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Increase your brand’s awareness in a saturated and noisy market? Break through the clutter surrounding a well-established entertainment venue? Position your growing sport to take advantage of an adventurous and sophisticated audience? Ellen Newberg, senior vice president, event marketing, at Pro Bull Riders Inc. has done it all.

CHALLENGE: Make TV Advertising Inventory Offerings Support PBR’s Marketing Message

It is clear that Professional Bull Riders Inc. (PBR) creates a very exciting experience at Madison Square Garden. The evidence is the high level of interest from Manhattan residents who attended the events. They came time and again to see top riders from five countries compete to ride the planet’s scariest bulls.

For PBR’s advertising to reach a bigger audience, it wanted data to drive the decisions about TV inventory that was compelling and not left to the vendor’s quarterly sales plan. The ability to reach the target audiences with the right entertainment message and be able to evaluate the impressions and the programming environment independently was going to make the difference.

It was time to spread the word.                 PBR.truck3.jpg


SOLUTION: Partner with a data-driven Centriply and Cable Scope to place the commercials for improved results

“We strongly believe that in order to reach our fans and deliver the quality product and content they desire, we must understand who they are,” says Ellen Newberg, senior vice president, event marketing, at PBR.

“To do so, we rely heavily on data-driven research, such as profile reports, custom propensity models, and primary and secondary research tools to help identify and most effectively reach both our existing fans, as well as potential fans,” she says.

Therefore, it was clear to Newberg that she needed more data about the media delivery in PBR’s advertising efforts, so PBR partnered with Centriply/Cable Scope to get it.

According to research and ticket sales data, men make the decision to purchase tickets to bull riding events – and they’re willing to travel to attend them.  The point was to introduce just the right  people to the professional bull riding events taking place at Madison Square Garden in NYC.


Using the in-depth market knowledge Centriply provides, PBR chose to go with data-driven media plans targeting groups of ZIP codes with high indexing ticket sales. "Our data analytics software and media expertise allowed us to pinpoint the precise cable systems and networks where our ad dollars would have the strongest impact," says Keith Reidy, Senior Media Buyer at Centriply. "Our approach covers more audiences than HH Addressable. It broadened the reach, increased frequency and efficiency, and eliminated the waste associated with Broadcast TV.

Then, commercials were also inserted into “TV Everywhere” apps and DAI (dynamic ad insertion) that goes in VOD and OTT programming offers. Centriply also leveraged Roku, which has additional programming, that wasn’t available to them before.

RESULTS: 18.8% Increase in Sales

Data-driven activation made PBR’s efforts pay off. Their successful media campaign increased their reach to the 18-34 yr. old male audience they were looking for in highly targeted areas within a 75 mile radius.

 “I feel like the crowd here is ten times better than other places we go, but whenever we tell people that we have a venue at Madison Square Garden, it blows their mind,” says J.B. Mauney, two-time (and reigning) PBR World Champion.

 “Year-to-date in 2016, we have seen 18.8% growth in our ticket sales. We look forward to continuing that momentum and growing the toughest sport on dirt,” says Newberg. The team at Centriply agrees.




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