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Posted by Activation Team on July 9, 2019

Does your morning feel like this? When creating ad campaign strategy and planning you need answers fast. You want control of your strategy and media options: from finding the right audiences to determining budget allocation, buying and attribution.  


Our automation of planning advertising campaigns has successfully moved linear TV into the world of Advanced TV Advertising. Many layers of digital and offline media have to be brought together, compared, coordinated and then evaluated for effectiveness. You can have powerful solutions by starting with a search engine for TV audiences that can meet your customers all along their journey. Now you can choose the same audiences as your digital campaigns through Experian, LiveRamp or others.

Using linear TV means you get access to a ginormous pool of high quality, fraud free inventory, that extends your campaign's reach into the right audience, and then controls your target frequency at scale. Our TangoPLAN platform can filter and manage impressions with your priorities in mind and then create a national campaign using local inventory that's measured back to the success of the business. Planners are explorers looking for options. Should the flight be extended more weeks? Or should we compress the area to make an impact? Change the dayparts and what happens to the CPM? Two clicks of a mouse and planners can compare options, side by side. 

And lately, the feeling of urgency is more heightened than ever before. Here are some actual quotes from this week:

Can we look at 50 markets by 3pm today? 
What if we just considered audiences around these 143 locations?  
You bet!
Oops, I forgot 3 markets, can you get back to me in an hour? 


With TangoPLAN multiple layers of a TV ad campaign can be planned all in one place. Strategists and planners can compare and decide---which audience is right for growth? And gauge the combined value of the US TV market, for each advertiser.

Planning is the first step in finding common ground in TV and digital advertising. Centriply has a way to combine automated, data-driven audience buying and location targeting for a unique Targeted TV solution. 

What’s it like to be able to apply the same audience data segments from Experian as a digital campaign then compare the viewers of broadcast and cable in one place for campaign planners? “Presenting a cohesive solution to clients that reduces waste and increases impact while extending reach, makes us stand out from other media agencies. Having the same audience segments as digital planners at our fingertips makes the view of the market and audience much more complete.” says Justin Keck, Group VP of Cable Scope Inc.

Developed by Centriply's technology developer, Tango Media Systems, TangoPLAN's easy to use interface and fast automation makes it a unique advanced TV tool for media planners. By applying just a few metrics, a media planner can see results on where best to invest their TV budgets to meet their marketing goals and support business outcomes. TangoPLAN enables the "what if's?" and gives planners a wide range of options to choose from. This intuitive platform allows planners to apply data and see opportunities available to them in order to reach their target audience while retaining the data segment values through the buying stage.  

With an extensive data warehouse and powerful location module TangoGEO, any census-defined geography can be used to pinpoint target consumers on the sub-DMA level and incorporate a variety of data sources to inform the user about that consumer.

"Our team of planners and buyers had a significant role in creating the functions and granular reporting ability that this platform can produce. Transparency, accuracy and the ability to go from a single ZIP to a national view was paramount to this software release. This is working today and there isn't anything out there like it" -Keith Reidy, Senior Media Buyer, Cable Scope Inc.

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