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Posted by Shelley Stansfield on January 8, 2018

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Growing your business as a media consultant means knowing what’s in store for Advanced TV in 2018.

Is your client looking to expand with new offerings or products? Are they considering buying or building technology? Now you can differentiate yourself with a solution that is on the cutting edge of advertising, uses data, has scale and works today.

We know what you’re up against, these days keeping up to date with the evolving TV ecosystem can be difficult. It’s time consuming to sift through all the press and decipher what to believe when talking about the value of advertising on TV. The goal of communicating solutions that are easily understood, and can be sold through to management quickly is ultimately what keeps you relevant in the media game.  As a consultant you have many roles to play: finding what unique abilities that can fill a gap, make a service stand out, save a client money, make their revenue go up, or all of the above.

What is your solution? An option that’s available as a platform or a managed service for the demand-side, is an Advanced TV product known as Targeted TV by Centriply; it’s a unique demand-side product that offers:

  1. Nationally scaled TV advertising that tracks TV impression attribution to the ZIP Code for brand KPIs. (see our 30 min. webinar here)
  2. The power of indexing across TV networks, dayparts and location combined and measured to achieve the right concentration of data-driven Targeted TV audiences.
  3. Fast, automated inventory selection across millions of impressions for planning/activation and is currently enterprise ready.


We’ve been connecting and collaborating with media and business consultants to put together this synopsis of what can be expected around Targeted TV in 2018. For them it often starts with a call from a board member needing some out-of-the-box thinking. Upper management often needs to know what the characteristics of the marketplace are and where the trends are heading. Starting with questions like “What’s really going on in the ad/media space?” “What can I believe?” “Can the competition really do what they say they can?” and “How far away are the promises versus deployment?”

With these drastic changes you must ask, where do my clients want to go? If they are brands searching for options to create multi-screen advertising campaigns, do you recommend a Targeted TV audience platform, that integrates a big data solution? Or is your client a digital agency looking to position itself differently, with new and unique capabilities? The answer is, they expect you to take time to look at the data/options that they don’t have the resources for. Pinpoint your clients needs and evaluate weather you can fill a hole in their offerings. If you are working with digital platform developers a common missed offering is the ability to cross over to linear media. The key that all brands, developers and agencies are missing is the need to harness the current TV disruption with speed and Targeted TV offers practical recommendations without surprises.

As a media consultant knows, consulting is more than giving advice, it’s about how to balance expanded expectations with reality and finesse. It is a culmination of, how your client’s immediate concerns fit into the big picture of their future goals? What is the reality of moving forward in digital marketing and advertising on TV with a big data solution? Is your client a brand, agency, DSP/SSP, or publisher? Your clients all look at the ecosystem a bit differently. Cable TV, Broadcast TV, Network TV, Connected TV, OTT and mobile viewing are all vying to enhance their offerings and market share. Even incumbents like traditional broadcast stations are deploying the likes of Next Gen TV (ATSC 3.0,) with the Pearl consortium announcing Phoenix, AZ as a test market in 2018 . This bootstrap signal allows a receiver to discover and identify the signals being transmitted, finally creating technology that offers the ability to run targeted audience advertising to broadcasters for the first time. To bring massive change to the whole broadcast marketplace, station groups like Sinclair are resorting to old fashioned maneuvering by purchasing multiple stations to dominate a market. Nexstar is gathering steam by purchasing digital and TV assets.


Starting an independent technology build from scratch is expensive and often unrealistic for a company that has previous business models and varying experience. We offer a solution that shows it’s possible to work with incumbents and can get moving quickly with successful results that can be coordinated in a short time frame. All of these issues can be addressed with a Targeted TV team that uses data, whether from sales history on their website, or locations of a brick and mortar store, to provide innovative strategy and an integrated solution.

By working with Targeted TV the realities of audience targeting and budget allocation can allow the comparison value of impressions across video and TV in a full video stack solution. Targeted TV allows a consultant to offer an effective offense instead of a defensive posture for moving into the market with a unique value proposition that extends beyond traditional TV advertising channels. Presentation is key! Centriply’s realistic and practical action plans have been tested over ten years and achieved measurable ROI. This is a significant factor for you to build trust through many layers of an organization. What inputs are really important to planners and buyers? Reach and GRPs, while conversion is significantly impacted by audience, product, and message. The demand side players understand that effective communication is achieved by a campaign crafted through balancing key attributes of budget, reach and frequency.

SintecMedia recently produced a study that found that demand for advanced TV is being readily compared to digital ad buying. The buyers want fast transactions, easy delivery and big scale without phone calls and waiting for proposals. Technical and organizational friction within TV companies creates barriers that could frustrate media buyers looking for easy ways to buy audience-targeted campaigns from TV companies.


What we’ve seen is that small moves can set big things in motion especially when it comes to navigating the disruption in the TV advertising landscape. There are plenty of ways to unlock assets to get a more complete solution for your clients and they’re already working. Centriply has the ability to combine the many levels of TV inventory options, adding data and hyper-local targeting with scale. This is a low-risk way to move from TV impressions being delivered around a single location to a national campaign, tracking results all along the way. The convergence of a digital and TV campaigns can be managed by tracking audience reach and metrics that are based on sales or traffic lift to determine the impact of the media performance. By having Centriply’s TV platform’s ability to apply granular measurement of TV audiences in the same fashion as digital, the concerns of brands and advertisers can be met.

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After all of this investigation, what will a client do with the information you’ve presented? Once you have determined if your client has the capabilities to execute, will they buy, or build the technology they need? As an independent company Centriply can be in partnerships that are collaborative, and created with unique and well established operations that get beyond the standard media industry vendor sales pitch to allow the brand to decide what value the TV advertising costs hold.

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The ability to tell your client what truly can be implemented will put you in a good position for future work. Evaluating which steps the company is ready to pursue and how to get those steps moving can be a long process. We’ve been tracking HH Addressable, OTT, SVOD and VOD options as long as they have been available and know the capabilities of each. Click on this link to see our side by side comparison. We know you don’t stop guiding the relationship when you deliver the brief, that’s why we have over 25 separate client-ready reporting outputs, use cases, infographs and tech demonstrations. A management team is more likely to use innovations that have been proven successful for 10 years than believing headlines in the trade magazines. They want the proof and you can supply it.

TV is changing and we’re keeping up, so you can stay current.

What can you present to your clients?

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