Targeted TV Can Do That? Planners can explore with updated TangoNVIO

Posted by Anastasiya Sakhnovskaya on August 29, 2016



Dive into a pool of Targeted TV opportunity with TangoNVIO 



Power to the Planner with our 

National Video Inventory Optimizer  

As digital screens cross and video delivery melds with TV, targeting data can be applied to 44,000 US ZIP codes, almost 3 thousand cable systems, 12 million TV spots and 1 billion impressions, to reach the right TV audience. Apply that data to your audience segment, then gauge the value of any part of the entire US TV market-- just for your advertiser. NVIO produces realistic and actionable planning specs that can be handed off without giving your buyers a heart attack.


NVIO empowers TV planners and points buyers in the right direction.

TangoNVIO’s easy to use interface and fast automation makes it an advanced tool for media planners. By applying just a few metrics, a media planner can see results on where best to invest their TV budgets to meet their marketing and communication goals. NVIO enables the "what if's?" and gives planners a wide range of options to choose from. Our intuitive new platform allows planners to apply data and see opportunities available to them in order to reach their target audience.  

By picking a custom audience segment and a targeted rating goal, NVIO automatically calculates a budget for the campaign. It is a powerful resource that simplifies and informs the TV buying process.


This example shows how you can reach 50% of $200K+ HHs in just 14% of the country.  
Geography alone can often create a significant opportunity to find the right audience efficiently.


Meet your weekly communiation goals and know where the media ran.
Our goal seeker function balances the where, who, and how much, quickly. 


This newly updated application is a part of Centriply's Tango Media Systems suite of media analysis technology. Their are several software models specifically designed to support media professionals in their quest to find the most valuable media oppurtunities. With our extensive data warehouse, another module TangoGEO can use any census-defined geography to pinpoint target consumers on the sub-DMA level and incorporate a variety of data sources to inform the user about that consumer.

"Our team of planners and buyers had a significant role in creating the functions and granular reporting ability that this platform can produce. Transparency, accuracy and the ability to go from a single ZIP to a national view was paramount to this software release. This is working today and there isn't anything out there like it"
-Amanda Cupani, Cable Scope Inc.

Having access to a pool of inventory in over 2,950 cable systems, 70+ networks, 24 hours, 7 days a week,it  can be hard to know where, when, and how much to advertise. With NVIO the questions of where, when and how much are answered. Centriply has been helping companies find their consumers since 2005. We're happy to help you too.


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