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Posted by Valerie Myers on December 6, 2021
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Audience-first linear TV campaigns are the future of TV.

With 2021 almost in the books and 2022 slowly materializing, loads of new goals are coming into focus--and we're here for it! But before we charge full-speed ahead, we'd like to pause a moment to take a look at the Centriply team--the engine behind all we do. (Click here for a short video About Us.) Because we're more than just technology...we're all about people. Whether it's audiences, marketers or our team, we know people are the backbone of our accomplishments. And of course, we’d be nowhere without all our trusting clients--the people who make our work interesting every day!

In 2022 we'll continue to test new ways to help brands + agencies take back control of TV ad campaigns to do more with TV: finding audiences across screens, making costs more predictable, relationships more profitable, and sales more repeatable.

How does this help you as a partner agency? Centriply's team of experts combine traditional media strategy with cutting-edge, data-driven solutions to deliver profitable, measurable advanced Linear TV ad campaigns rooted in "big data" and scientific analysis. Fueled by our proprietary software, Tango Media Suite--which identifies media opportunities across multiple geographies--we capitalize on advances in geo-fencing capabilities and granular audience targeting, to make it possible for agencies to scale their clients’ cross screen campaigns by applying best-in-class data to custom geographies, and then activating across a large pool of local linear TV.

“The potential of advanced TV via data-driven programming measurement is becoming well understood,” says Centriply founder and president, Scott T. Stansfield. “Consumption of both media and products varies widely by region, age, race, income level, education level and device, and for many large advertiser categories, this geographic change– or delta– is still vastly underestimated. We provide advertisers the power to multiply, then measure, impressions across media to meet their communication goals." 

Check out our YouTube channel for lots more on Centriply, Tango Media Suite, and how we do things!

Centriply creates the building blocks for comparing the value of media across multiple layers; finding the right audiences for a TV ad campaign through both geo- and program-targeting by applying the power of syndicated/first party data and, in some cases, adding predictive digital and behavioral consumer targets. These custom universes can combine individual cable systems, Smart TVs, Household Addressable, and so much more. Bonus: results can be measured as broadly as region, state or DMA, or as granularly as cable system, zip code, congressional district, or household.

The experts at Centriply know there's going to be a sweet spot for media campaigns--they find it and make it happen! Our  tech developers, media planners and buyers are brand builders, putting all the right pieces together for brands to achieve significant ROI on custom audience segments. How do we know that? We not only handle the buy, we take it through to final attribution. “We enable marketers and agencies to use advanced TV advertising as part of their broader national media plans. "We provide attribution to TV impressions, the ability to test/control, measuring against sales at the bottom funnel and across the mid-funnel to track communication goals. Our marketing teams create TV advertising campaigns that are the foundation for growth, profitability, predictability" notes Stansfield. Curious? Watch VP of Business Development, Rich Kaufman, explain some attribution options here.

In 2022, we'll continue to do these four things (and more!) really well, to help your agency and brand grow:
  1. Find custom audience segments--think of us as the search engine for TV audiences
  2. Match media footprints and count universes
  3. Add data to inventory valuation/pricing
  4. Automatically and quickly create large media plans and buys according to spec 
Ready to look at new ideas in 2022? We'll make it easy for you, working as a managed/white label solution. As Scott Stansfield says, with Centriply “everyone from consultants to established media agencies now have the ability to include cutting edge advanced linear TV campaign services and, more importantly, activation, for their clients, without upsetting current departmental resources.”

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