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A seasoned director, mentor and manager of thriving teams of mixed crews of brilliant creative personalities, Val's expertise goes beyond simply having an eye for design or a knack for marketing and project management. A strategic, creative problem solver, her talent for leading effective execution was developed as a working pro where a “creative team” was the outlier within a larger corporate org. The result? A skillset that's deeper and broader than design excellence alone, with expertise expanding into creative-side business/operations and design thinking leadership.
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Moving Forward With Purpose, Erica Schmidt, Global CEO, Matterkind

Valerie Myers on March 24, 2021

In case you missed it: On a recent episode of the Friday Fireside with The iTV Doctor Rick Howe, Centriply had the honor of hosting Erica Schmidt, Global CEO of Matterkind, the advertising technology unit of UM. Erica and the good Doctor had a candid, unscripted conversation covering a range of ideas, kicked off with a cameo by Erica's adorable dog--a now standard video call visitor we can all relate to! 

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Meet the Centriply Team

Valerie Myers on March 10, 2021

Get to know some of the faces behind the service, innovation and success of Centriply.

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