Grow in 2019: Digital Agencies Have Targeted TV Options

Posted by Activation Team on July 24, 2018

TV is the greatest long-term multiplier of all media channels. Use your digital audience segments to reach customers on TV. Reach real people, real customers all along their journey.

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During your discussions about growth, think about this:

Targeted TV can bridge the gap between Digital Video, Broadcast and HH Addressable to work with your team to offer your clients a unique vantage on marketing opportunities. Your clients can have fast, flexible, incremental reach beyond standard pre-roll video. This installment of our Advanced TV blog is focused on effectively applying digital audience segments to TV planning and tactics.  Supporting growth strategies for digital agencies all across the country.

How Digital Agencies’ commitment to targeted audiences is changing the TV advertising ecosystem

Digital planners are gaining the trust of more and more clients to drive the entire marketing process, and they want what TV advertising has to offer: brand prestige and a high conversion impact. Digital agencies have an enhanced data-driven mindset, which results from the information available in online advertising activities. As they push into TV, they challenge MVPDs (multichannel video programming distributors) and TV station groups to review how they approach advertising with sub-DMA targeting.

They do that, for example, by incorporating TV and video on mobile data. Almost 60% of buyers are less likely to cancel a purchase after watching product videos, according to E-Tailing and Invodo. Plus, customers are using their mobile devices – or, at the very least, have their mobile devices nearby – when making purchase decisions or approaching a point of sale, which indicates their location.

With innovative data collection on top of collaboration with third parties, as is common online, advertisers have even more power to apply the buying triggers, digital signals or physical needs that create demand. A layered approach that accurately counts and combines the options available, gives the marketer the clearest way to take advantage of all media value. Current TV analytics can include qualitative data to win in the placing the ads in the appropriate content.

As a result, data driven planning can deliver TV ads that accurately reinforce their messages, provide a holistic omnichannel experience, and remain top of mind when the audience is off its phone – all the while preserving consumer privacy, which matters to customersaccording to a 2015 VentureBeat report.

Use our team and let digital drive the TV plans.

This article covers what Targeted  Linear TV can do for digital advertising campaigns and was developed especially for making you an expert in Targeted TV. So agency sales people can feel confident pitching new business, and new services, and CMOs can consider different media options for their brand strategy. Check out our Learning Lab for downloadable resources. We know that making Advanced TV easy to understand and easy to explain is important when approaching new prospects and getting them to consider data driven techniques to reach customers. Growing high-value audiences and communities without surprises, with transparency to the network level creates safe environments and allows for control over the media spend,

You can expect TV to do more. We make it walk and talk like digital by using data-driven analytics and granular measurement for advertisers. For 25 years we’ve been at the forefront of judging media delivery and value from the specific view of the advertiser with transparency, stewardship and scale. In this blog we’ll cover how a digital advertising strategy can incorporate TV impressions. And know what they did for you. You should expect tracking your TV promotion offers to your web site, geo-fenced trading areas  around each of your locations— they're all measureable. By using granular, geo-fenced location data in combination with mobile video results, TV planners are able to tie in the ZIP code of the phone with the  cable franchise area  or telco system coverage.

Agencies have the ability to target custom locations well below the traditional TV DMA level, like counties, cities and other regions. All of these things can be done now there are tons of opportunities to get in front customers in the right TV programming, in all different places around the country. These are high quality and customized ways for digital agencies to advertise to TV audiences that are appropriate for their product messages. Not settling for remnant time or pre-packaged inventory deals where you don’t know where you’re ads are running. As an independent agency we firmly believe digital advertisers deserve to have access to advanced TV capabilities. The agency or brand can choose what’s the right value for them-- not the media owner.

As an agency partner our goals are to remove the friction from the buying process, uncover media opportunity for you and find value within a nationally scaled view that includes 3,000+ zones providing access to over 77 million TV HHs, and over 607 million weekly impressions.digiital agency skyline-1.png

You need planning and buying teams that are experienced with stewarding large budgets and optimizing lengthy flights that tap into cable zones, telcos, interconnects, satellite and regional networks. Then receive reports from our granular measurement of audiences that goes granular.  Match ZIP level Experian or LiveRamp audience segments to any combination of geography. If the agency has additional qualitative indexing of programming, it can be applied through the buying process to create eCPMs and targeted impression counts.

With your strategy scenarios can be run quickly for optimizing budget input, impression estimates and segment goals. Starting with budget or segment coverage is flexible and gives you information quickly. Since you can request a custom universe to be created for an advertiser, it can have different audience segments and benchmark KPIs. Things like customer propensity reports and CRM data can be applied to ROI after the flights.

Our big idea this year is grounded in requests from marketers to develop cross-screen budget allocation. Comparing media inventory options in any specific location, has been of extreme interest. Example: broadcast delivery and network delivery can be measured and analyzed to provide efficiency metrics across many layers of different media weights. 

Also of interest to account teams, is that advertisers can use social signals and mobile data to drive a TV plan that creates a "pre-targeting" layer of TV impressions across a location for a coordinated effort. Several clients have created unique benchmarks in their custom universe for Website KPIs. For example, ecommerce sales by billing zip, visits to a site to sign up for a drug trial, or promoting downloads of an app--- can all be measured. Even early morning TV exposure that leads to old fashioned increase in activity to a call center are still part of the Targeted TV mix. The power of TV on certain customer groups can still move the needle, according to a 2016 MarketShare study, TV is still the most effective advertising platform for B2C sales, reports AdAge.

Television is still the number one medium with sufficient infrastructure and resources to cover the events that attract the largest audiences, like the World Cup, the Oscars, national and local political activities, and the Olympics. Often, it’s a combination of mass advertising and targeted advertising that works best, because a layered approach can fill in the gaps where network consumption is very uneven. By moving beyond the traditional 210 TV DMAs (Designated Market Areas) into over 3,000 localized TV systems, advertisers can enjoy a wealth of opportunities to reduce waste and intensify the message.

Targeted TV advertisers are therefore able to reach the right target audience, at the right scale, and provide the maximum impact with TV advertising. If you have more questions there is a Q&A page with additional information. Check out our intro guide to Targeted TV!


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