Supporting marketers in the time of COVID-19

Posted by Shelley Stansfield on March 17, 2020

The impact of COVID-19 has altered our daily lives, and in the coming weeks we are all acutely aware of the drastic impact this will have on marketing campaigns. 

1shell stansfield2019Without options of reaching prospects during live events and missing foot traffic to brick and mortar locations, we realize your campaigns have to adapt. As our clients work harder than ever to sustain business, we want you to know we’re here.

The Centriply team is currently 100% remote and working to ensure your messages reach the right audiences. We have the data and tools for campaigns of all sizes to achieve outstanding audience targeting on TV with accuracy and attribution. We will continue fighting for brands and hard working marketing staffs that decide to pause, reevaluate, or even jump in to take advantage of new last minute opportunities, as they arise.

If you have any questions on adapting your campaigns, reaching new audiences, or efficiently re-allocating spend, we’re here for you.  Several clients have been shifting Out-Of-Home campaign budgets and network plans to take advantage of location and audience-based TV that is tied to business outcomes. We’re committed to providing more resources, maps, analysis, tools, and stewardship than ever before.

As always, if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, my email is open or you can contact us here.

Shelley Stansfield



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