Centriply to begin licensing it's proprietary data; Retains Venture Development Center to lead effort

Posted by Shelley Stansfield on August 24, 2016


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NEW YORK, August 22, 2016-- Centriply, a demand-side targeted TV platform for advertisers, announced today that it will begin licensing its proprietary Big Data sets for the first time through an agreement with Venture Development Center (VDC).  


VDC is a New Jersey-based advisory services firm specializing in data monetization and creative data sourcing. They work with clients to define, identify and implement breakthrough uses of Big Data that drive strong revenue results and transform existing business practices.


"Our unique position in the advanced TV ecosystem can provide great strategic value to myriad companies across many different industries," said Shelley Stansfield, director, special ops for Centriply. "VDC is a leader in data monetization and as such is an ideal partner for us as we enter the Big Data licensing arena. We have a lot to offer and are confident that VDC can help us develop and grow this new area of our business."


Matthew Staudt, President and COO of VDC said, “Centriply has developed an exceptional set of solutions that offer a unique set of opportunities for VDC to bring forward to our big data marketplace. The data points available are allowing us to come up with use cases that go well beyond the advanced TV ecosystem and we believe that trend will continue. We are looking forward to this relationship.”                        

Stansfield said that Centriply is seeing increasing demand for the services of exceptional teams and differentiated technologies. The ability to do full video stack analysis is driving the next cycle of mar-tech innovation, and applying Big Data is crucial. "We see iterations and disruption becoming more frequent, and the leading, emerging and legacy players in technology and media investing are creating the foundation for the next five years," Stansfield said.

Centriply's Big Data assets include granular geo-data in detail and at scale. The company's mar-tech division, Tango Media Systems, includes:


  • TangoMUΣE: comprehensive full U.S. census block level estimates for all multichannel video programming distribution (MVPD).
  • TangoPOOL: comprehensive full curated MVPD linear TV inventory pool with unit costs and demographic impressions.
  • TangoSHAPE: shape files for media vehicles and marketing geographies.


Immediate areas of focus will cover a wide array of industries, ranging from political agencies to broadcast studios and from the large marketing service providers to hedge funds.


About Centriply (www.centriply.com)

Centriply is a pure demand-side targeted TV platform for advertisers that intensifies the impact of media with granular geo-targeting. With its specialized software platform, Tango Media Suite (www.tangomediasuite.com), Centriply creates the ability to identify opportunities across all geography and programming to find consumer targets on a granular level. The Centriply platform is available as a managed/white label service. It helps agencies maximize resources and sharpen their tools in order to extend clients' reach, increase frequency, improve impact and get more effective business results. The platform can be used for granular and national campaigns using Nielsen, Rentrak or SQAD, and first or third party syndicated data. Centriply starts with the right geo-target and then layers on the programming analysis to get the most appropriate audience out of every media dollar for agency clients.

About Venture Development Center (www.venturedc.com)

Venture Development Center (VDC) is an advisory services firm focused in the areas of data monetization and creative data sourcing.  With over 120 unique data assets under contract, VDC assists its clients by defining, identifying and implementing breakthrough uses of Big Data that drive solid revenue results and transform existing business practices. The VDC success story is based on the unique ability of the organization to continually identify new and powerful data assets from the Big Data ecosystem and then using this expanding base of information to develop applications, information use cases and sourcing strategies. Companies considering data monetization or seeking support for the development of sound sourcing strategies can depend on VDC to assist in navigating the rapidly changing world of Big Data.


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