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Posted by Valerie Myers on August 5, 2022
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Centriply is playing a pivotal role in transforming how traditional TV ads are bought and sold in the 21st century.

Watch Centriply co-founder Shelley Stansfield in conversation with #TheiTVDoctor#RickHowe, on his #FridayFireside show! The good doctor and Shelley discuss how Centriply—her independent media agency, specializing in advanced, audience-driven TV campaigns—is playing a pivotal role in transforming how traditional TV ads are bought and sold, focusing on a unified view of TV inventory that works for both the buy and sell sides without “changing the spots”. 


image-png-Jul-13-2022-08-34-11-42-PMHear about the #1 benefit Centriply delivers for clients/brands: the ability to get their message—or various messages—on TV to the same audience segment as their digital campaign, at the right frequency, so wherever the consumer turns, they see the "right" message. Watch the 20 minute interview below, and read on for more links and ATV insights.

Shelley begins by saying that Centriply is very client-focusedby design. One way that plays out is in asking clients focused questions—this helps ensure best-in-class campaign outcomes, and creates an easy, smooth TV ad campaign placement experience for clients.

So when clients are asked "what do you want to do in TV that you can’t do now?", the resounding response from agency Planners is "we want to be able to use the same audiences for our TV campaigns as all our media channels!

Shelley and the entire Team at Centriply hears themand does just that.

When planning nationally-scaled, multi-market TV ad campaigns, Centriply understands how complex and sometimes not-easy the process can be. Shelley notes that her teams work hard to ameliorate pain points clients encounter along the way to a successful TV ad campaign. One important way she accomplishes this is via Centriply's capacity to ingest the same ID-level audiences that clients use for their other channels, giving clients a uniquely aligned view of campaign resultsthat includes advanced linear TV. TV has a detailed and reliable history, so this innovation means buyers don't have to "apologize" for using TV as an essential component of a robust media plan.

Shelley and Rick go on to further discuss the current state of advanced linear TV advertising, including how Centriply is playing a pivotal role in transforming how "traditional" TV ads are bought and sold. Centriply's tech platform is enabling traditional TV to complement and compete effectively with digital advertising, all while busting the myth that you can't effectively measure linear TV campaign outcome results.

Centriply-attribution process illustratedBecause another thing Shelley and her team hear from agency and brand clients is that they want need results measurement and attribution to their TV budgets. Shelley notes that while some folk are surprised that Centriply can measure sales lift from linear TV campaigns, "a simple sales lift study like that is something we can offer at no extra charge, when the client tracks that transaction data." (See video at left for how it works) For top and mid-funnel measuring, Centriply works with partners, setting up campaigns so that reporting can be done in ways that match the client's business needs—far beyond just traditional TV DMAs. Again, Centriply brings the benefits of digital automation to TV campaigns. By way of an example, she explains "recently I was extremely excited to see the results of a campaign that Centriply did in Q4/21. It had a custom audience and very specifically covered 857 ZIP Codes in the brands’ priority markets. Well I’m thrilled to say the campaign returned over 300% sales lift." (Check out the sales lift study here)

Despite Centriply's proprietary technology and data-enthusiasm, Shelley says "we’re not a general tech developer, we’re pretty specific to media. We're not here to build your company website. We use the industry knowledge we have from being around TV for 20 years to really inform our innovation and development of new processes and tools."

She goes on to say "we're about bringing out value of the inventory for both the buy side and sell side, without 'changing the spots'. One of the most rewarding things for us is to combine the power of a dozen data bases to draw out the value of the inventory for both sides." 

For example, using one component built on Centriply's Tango Media System tech platform, ad sales at traditional TV companies can now compete with advanced advertising options on a very granular level, creating multiple proposals quickly. We all know speed of response is one of the most importantmaybe even #1 in importancewhen selling inventory, and Centriply's proprietary [data] mapping makes opportunities in sellers' own inventory easy to find, fast.

Having a platform that easily imports/exports into other systems—whether it's agency/buy side or sell sidehas been and continues to be a major priority for Centriply. "TV has such a huge infrastructure that been created—we aren’t looking to increase the complexity. Just the oppositeevery day we look for ways to make TV easier for all of our clients! And we’re ready for ATSC 3.0 too!"

By starting with audiencesand finding themCentriply is modernizing "traditional" TV for both buyers and sellers. The future of TV is hereright nowat Centriply.


Rick Howe shares the Centriply mission of bringing linear TV into the future, using technology and applying it to effectively solve the challenges that all advertisers face in 2022 and beyond. His weekly video chats with industry luminaries from all sectors of the business of TV reveals how the players will be able to compete with new TV advances and have a vibrant future ahead. It's great to know the Doctor is in (new episodes every Friday, on

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