ROI from TV campaigns? You bet, and here's how

Posted by Valerie Myers on June 6, 2022
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Let’s take a look at the process of linear TV ad campaign outcome measurement—yes, you read that right—and how it develops throughout the marketing funnel. Check out the video below: "Herding Cats, Chaos Theory and TV Attribution: One of these things is not like the others..."

As we move through "how it happens", an illustrator will assist by live-drawing some of the ideas along the way. If you're like some of us here at Centriply, visualizing parts of the process, instead of just hearing about it, often helps to "get it". Regardless of where you are in terms of knowledge of linear TV results reporting, we've discovered the more ways we can convey how doable--and granular!--linear TV ad campaign measurement is, the better our clients are able to communicate the value to their boss/CFO/brand lead. Plus, we think having an artist draw the things we're talking about is a fun way to look at a process that’s often discussed, but seldom defined.

Sure, we start with an audience and then apply data…and now let's have some fun and do something more with it!

Join Shelley Stansfield, Centriply Cofounder + Director Special Ops, as she tackles the topic of attribution on linear TV, with a little help from an illustrator. This video, first seen at the 4As Decision 2022 conference, dives into how TV attribution impacts your ROAS measurement, how advertisers can measure ROI from TV ad campaigns, and what kind of ROI you can expect from your TV ad campaigns, particularly those handled by Centriply, but really, apply it to any you're considering.

If you're interested in seeing how Centriply connects audience and data and markets and timelines and more over 48 hours and wraps it all up with a post-campaign sales lift analysis that shows results that exceed the client's high expectations, check out "Results Good Enough to Prompt a Happy Dance". It's brief and full of stats, and takes you through "how it happens" in a whole different way.

One last (but by *no means final!) thought on the topic of attribution/outcome measurement/results reporting/or whatever your team likes to call 'ROI for advanced TV': we often get questions about how "best" to accomplish effective audience-based advanced linear TV outcome measurement, and the only honest response we can give is "It Depends...". On what?'s a two minute explanation of considerations around the types of studies that can be done at every level of "the funnel". We don't decide what metrics to analyze, you do. Whether you're looking for some strategic advice, want to toss some ideas around, or have it all covered and just need the campaign data--we're here for you.



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