Finding All Types of Women on International Women's Day

Shelley Stansfield on March 7, 2017

With audience-based buying you can share the message they care about

Walk into any office with female employees ages 25-49, and you’ll find a variety of characters, desires, challenges, lifestyles, and political views. Yet when it’s time to buy TV spots, some advertisers still assume information about viewer age and gender is all that they need to achieve qualified impressions.

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What's the Future of People Based Marketing? Sonobi has some answers.

Shelley Stansfield on January 23, 2017
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Compare Value of Multimedia Ads for CPG in Benchmark Study

Kalin Chenarides on November 1, 2016


ROAS for everyone! Who doesn't need a new acronym? Return On Advertising Spend. Thanks Nielsen Catalina for publishing this report from NCS Solutions.

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Data is the Champion for TV Planners Who Want to Take Back their Power

Shelley Stansfield on September 21, 2016


Just imagine it’s preseason and football teams are busy planning their strategy for the season. They’re figuring out the players’ optimal positions across the field, what maneuvers they’ll use to score touchdowns, and how to outsmart the opposing team.

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