8 Questions To Ask When Considering TV Advertising

Kalin Chenarides on September 29, 2017

Know what to look for when choosing an Advanced TV agency? Key Points: Make sure they do independent assessment of media value, have the ability to report audience location, can confirm network environment, and apply data-driven measurement.

When looking at the right advertising solution, Advanced TV is an effective tool to make an impact and increase overall ROI. Not all agencies are created equal, be picky when choosing your TV partners. When it comes to knowing the TV environment and how...

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Connect Emotion + Data + Advanced TV to Drive Sports Marketing.

Kalin Chenarides on August 10, 2017

In today’s advertising landscape the question is how do you truly connect? Is using automation cold and impersonal, or the best way to manage your markets to find the right audience segment you want to connect with?


Reliable and successful endorsements that connect to audiences are one of the best ways to build a bridge between athletes and their fans. Presenting these stars in TV’s long form (yes, 30 seconds is considered long form these days), with sight, sound, and motion can create...

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From Couch to Store

Kalin Chenarides on July 6, 2017

Pre-Targeting on TV Becomes a Trustworthy Ally.

Driving customers into a store location is getting harder and harder all the time. How do you get their attention. Not easy, right? With the increasing amount of distractions from mobile devices and tablets to fidget spinners, catching someone's eye can be difficult. Getting people on their feet and into stores is no easy task. The question remains what strategy do you use to boost your store’s foot traffic?

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We Will Never Forget

Shelley Stansfield on April 6, 2017

We are pleased to support the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in their efforts to ensure we never forget and take time to remember.

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