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This is the place for educational webinars, focused on how to use Targeted TV across different industries to grow your business.


Educational Webinar Series

                               Targeted TV for Retailers                                                  Targeted TV For CMOs, Consultants & Sales 









This webinar features:

  • See how audience targeting can be measured at the ZIP Code level.
  • Use A/B testing to determine the most valuable areas, programming and audience targets.
  • How to reduce the waste of traditional TV and focus your message.
  • Maximize data-driven TV to drive results for your brand.


This webinar features: 

  • How to provide an innovative new strategy that makes your clients advertising plan stand out.
  • Cultivate collaborative solutions that work with existing capabilities
    and are complementary to your clients current tactics.
  • How to provide insights for the future, allowing you to expand your role well beyond delivering a report.


                                   TV Attribution Webinar                                                    Targeted TV For Digital Agencies

This webinar features:

  • Tracking the unique value proposition of TV attribution by ZIP Code.
  • Benchmark your custom universe for client KPIs.
  • Re-target your message where it will have the greatest target impression value.
  • Focus TV weight where it will have the greatest impact on business outcomes

This webinar features:

  • Increasing a digital agency's service offering by extending into TV.
  • Making a digital agency standout by having a unique position against the competition. 
  • Using the same audience segments improves the impact of a digital campaign.



Be sure to check out our TV Advertising Learning Lab, just click the button below. 
The Learning Lab features downloadable Welcome to ATV packet, industry case studies, infographs and other helpful resources. 



Tango Media Suite MarTech software is for brands and agencies. Click on the button below to view technical descriptions and platform demonstrations
that show how location, 
data driven planning and technology come together for efficient and powerful TV advertising.



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