34% increase in research intent and favorability for an educational organization using a Targeted TV campaign.

Posted by Activation Team on February 27, 2019

Targeted TV campaign lifts brand metrics +34% for Connections Academy in 11 states.
(for a PDF version of this case study download here)

Millward Brown confirmed KPIs: TV exposure directly impacted brand awareness, favorability and intention to research after using a Targeted TV campaign consisting of audience-driven, location-based commercials in 11 states.


  • The goal of the campaign was achieved. +28% increase brand awareness, +34 % increase in favorability and 30% increase in intent to research.
  • Plan had a high frequency strategy: Targeted TV successfully attained average of 8.5.

Automated, data driven, activation tactics were used  across 6,582 ZIP Codes then measured for attribution


What educational  marketers want to achieve, Targeted TV can do:

KPI MEASUREMENT: Tied into location, media weight and web traffic

HEAVY FREQUENCY: Concentrated TV impressions create breakthrough awareness in noisy markets

INCREASE: In brand awareness, value and course selection

DRIVE: Achieve offline impact among audience segments with effective network placement

TV MEDIA EXECUTION: Simple and transparent to inventory with spot by spot reconciliation


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