2019 Resolutions: 1. Avoid fraud 2. Find high-value audiences 3. Measure, measure, measure

Posted by Activation Team on January 2, 2019



Over the holidays details of click farms and fraudulent schemes were published by New York Magazine to close out 2018. Suddenly TV campaigns are looking pretty straight forward. Over the last five years we've successfully created TV ad campaigns that can track TV attribution and measurement far beyond what has traditionally been provided. Now agencies, brands and marketers have options in Advanced TV with data-driven audience selection, programmatic platforms and tracking of business KPIs to prove ROI.

When we work with digital marketing natives, the expectation of TV media campaigns to "behave like digital" is a phrase we often come across. But New York Magazine writer Max Read (great name for his profession) looked into what really happens when performance of display and video ads are tracked, and what actions he uncovered. His investigation into the click farms, fake campaigns and fraudulent practices breaks open the myth of digital dominance.

He writes that "What’s gone from the internet, after all, isn’t “truth,” but trust: the sense that the people and things we encounter are what they represent themselves to be." http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2018/12/how-much-of-the-internet-is-fake.html

In late November, the Justice Department unsealed indictments against eight people accused of fleecing advertisers of $36 million in two of the largest digital ad-fraud operations ever uncovered. Digital advertisers tend to want two things: people to look at their ads and “premium” websites — i.e., established and legitimate publications — on which to host them.

We've seen Targeted TV provide scaled impressions in front of real people in premium content. So if you're a digital marketer don't worry we can make you feel comfortable with accurate planning, validation, tracking and invoicing that won't make you look bad. 


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